#1 Solar in Nigeria

AWPS Renewable Energy is a premier designer and installer of Solar Power Solutions. Gilat Satcom picked us as their partner to provide reliable power to off grid Vsat sites. If the #1 Provider of satellite based internet in West Africa has picked us, why have you not?

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Hybrid Axpert Inverter With AGM Batteries!

Hybrid Axpert Inverter With AGM Batteries  is durable,strong and powerful to serve you for years. Talk to us about how you want your #solar installation done. lets help you install stable and consistent #energy supply  that runs 24 hours a day. It never goes off and is always on

Air pollution more deadly in Africa than malnutrition or dirty water!

Air pollution in Africa’s  is causing more premature deaths than unsafe water or childhood malnutrition, and could develop into a health and climate crisis reminiscent of those seen in China and India, a study by a global policy forum has found. The first major attempt to calculate both the human and financial costRead More…

Servicing and Maintenance-We don’t take it for-granted.

Servicing and Maintenance of all our #Solar Power #installations is so paramount to us that we don’t take it for-granted. when this is done periodically by experts like AWPS Renewable Energy Ltd whose engineers are trained in U.S. We expect your batteries to serve you for a good period ofRead More…

#Solar power installation, Today @ Sparklight Estate.

Guys!!! Its good to be back to work after a long weekend! Checkout this #Solar power installation taking place today at Sparklight Estate Magboro!

Nigerians spend N3.5t on fueling generators

Posted By: Akinola Ajibadeon: October 13, 2016 Nigerians spend an estimated N3.5 trillion yearly on fueling generators to meet commercial and domestic needs , as grid power is seriously inadequate. A report from GIZ, a German-based firm, said generators provide alternative source of energy and further improves economic activities forRead More…

Repairs & Maintenance Of Hybrid Inverter

We offer the best services on installation, repairs and maintenance for your inverter. Don’t go for less, Go for the best!

Think Solar!

No doubt solar energy is good for the environment, and it’s especially nice any day time.   With sun shinning  on your solar panels, you will  save so much more money for other reasonable projects rather than buying unending fuel that will not serve you for 24 hours. www,atlanticwastepower.com isRead More…

Best Offer Ever! Save Your Money;Go Solar..

Entry Level Silver 2 kva SKU a3ps3kvaentry 2 kw hybrid solar inverter with MPPT controller 2 x 300 Watt panels 2 x 150 AH batteries Installation and Vat Will charge your phone, power your lights, TV and Fans for up to 12 hours N830, 000.00   Entry Level Gold 2Read More…

Let the Sun do the work!

As a fast-growing renewable/alternative #1 Solar power company in Nigeria we are poised to become the most reliable and first in the provision of #solar power installation, maintenance and repair services specifically for the Axpert and Yiyen brand of Inverter at affordable prices. Have you paid money for a solarRead More…

We Also Repair & Service Axpert And Yiyen Hybrid Inverter

Reach out to us for repairs and maintenance of  Axpert hybrid and Yiyen inverter  today. We have well experienced engineers  who are ready to make your dead inverters work again. Its your job to tell us;and its our professional duty to get it fixed by paying less!

I had a nasty experience with the first solar inverter that was installed for me by the quacks in the industry and it was not cheap. I started complaining in less than a month. With AWPS it has been really awesome. I can survive living of the grid and still enjoy all the comfort of life required. There is after installation services. AWPS for me is a life saver. With the heatwave I have nothing to complain about. NEPA in whatever name is simply plan B. I turn off my meter when I so desire to save cost and simply use the solar powered inverter to power my house. It really been excellent. Isa Salau
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