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We are the North American and Africa distributor of Senwei Energy Wind Turbines

Category : Alternative Energy

We are pleased to announce that Atlantic Waste & Power System is the factory approved exclusive distributor of Senwei Energy Technologies Wind turbines in Africa and North America.
Our excellent record and customer support model made this very possible. We are pleased to welcome Senwei to the family.
Atlantic Waste and Power System with offices in Sparta, NJ and Lagos Nigeria specializes in Solar and Wind Power Solutions.

Senwei Energy Technologies Technologies, Inc established in 1996, is one of the leading manufacturers of small wind turbine generators in China and Germany. We specialize in the manufacture of 300W to 50KW wind turbine generators, grid tie inverter, small wind turbines/solar hybrid system, solar power,hydraulic tower, fixed pitch wind turbine, variable pitch wind turbine, grid off system ,grid on system for the world market.

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Did you know this about Solar?

Category : Alternative Energy

solar_timeline Open the link to learn more

Solar energy is the most abundant energy resource on earth – 173,000 terawatts of solar energy strikes the Earth continuously. That’s more than 10,000 times the world’s total energy use. Enough irradiation in 1 hour to provide all of the world’s energy use.

The first silicon solar cell, the precursor of all solar-powered devices, was built by Bell Laboratories in 1954. On page one of its April 26, 1954 issue, The New York Times proclaimed the milestone, “the beginning of a new era, leading eventually to the realization of one of mankind’s most cherished dreams — the harnessing of the almost limitless energy of the sun for the uses of civilization.”

The space industry was an early adopter of solar technology. In the 1960s the space industry began to use solar technology to provide power aboard spacecrafts. The Vanguard 1 — the first artificial earth satellite powered by solar cells — remains the oldest man made satellite in orbit – logging more than 6 billion miles.

The first commercial solar water heater was patented in 1891  It is said that at least 30 million Chinese households now have one.

Germany is the world’s top photovoltaics installer, with a solar PV capacity as of December 2012 of more than 32.3 gigawatts. Germany does not get that much sunshine yet they are number 1 in the world.



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Our Prices Are Going up on May 1, 2014

Category : Alternative Energy

We want to thank everyone that has supported us so far in our quest to bring clean, reliable and inexpensive solar solutions to our brothers and sisters in Sub-Saharan Africa. The burden of self generation is one that does not allow for development that will lift our brothers and sisters out of poverty. We hope we can help in our own little way.
We will be completing our test runs and installations next month. We have realized that the cost of doing business in Sub Saharan Africa is higher that we initially calculated. Finding competent help, customs, transportation and basic tools cost much more than it does in the west.
Our current price point is over 30% below the inverter market. We have gone and priced our offering in Nigeria and we are by far very cost competitive. We want to continue to offer a superior product and at the same time we want to have a business model that is sustainable.
We have hired expertise from outside of the countries we do business in. We had to do this because we have had a challenge finding qualified people. We plan on setting up training facilities and partnering with a school to train the next generation of installers and solar experts. Our goal is to start the training in Abia State by September 2014.

We have updated and improved the experience on our web page. People that use mobile devices will experience faster load times. It has been cleaned up to provide a more uniform look and all the popular social media buttons has been added for your convenience.

In our quest to further improve the customer experience and touch, we have added a land line number in Nigeria. Our customers in Nigeria can dial 01 404 1003 my extension is 121. From May 1 you will be given an option that lets you speak to an employee in our Lagos office. As we add more staff we will give you access to them.

We are testing some additional products that will compliment our current offerings. Solar Hot water heaters (I like hot showers) and solar well pumps. Once we have completed our testing we will add them to our catalogue and announce them.

Effective May 1, 2014 we will increase the prices of our popular Solar power offerings. Even with the increase we still offer a product that is a superior value to what is found in the market today.

Thank you for your support and we will continue to provide you with a superior product and top notch customer service.

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How does this Solar thing Work? (with Video)

Category : Alternative Energy

This has been a recurring question that I get each time I talk about our Solar Power Solutions. I will attempt to answer it again.
No Changes In How You Use Electricity
Solar electricity works exactly the same as the electricity you buy from the utility company. You turn on lights, plug in lamps and power appliances the same way you do right now. In fact, if you didn’t see solar modules on the roof, you’d never notice any difference—except a lower electric bill.
While the science of converting sunshine into electricity is complex, the idea is pretty simple. Solar electricity is generated by a group of solar modules called an array that’s installed on your roof or in your yard. When sunlight falls on the solar modules, a DC electrical current is created instantly. The DC electricity is fed into an inverter that changes it to standard AC electricity – the same kind your home already uses. No need to change your home wiring.

Solar Power Is Highly Reliable
Solar electricity has been in use for more than 50 years and is proven to be highly dependable. Unlike other methods used to generate electricity, solar doesn’t rely on moving parts that can wear out. Some modules come with a 25-year limited warranty on power output, and some modules installed in the 1950’s are still performing.
Little Maintenance Is Required
Occasionally, a solar array should be rinsed off with a hose to clear the dust or debris that blocks sunlight and reduces efficiency. The batteries also need periodic visual inspection. If they are traditional flooded batteries, they need to be topped up with distilled water once a month.That’s about all that’s required.
solar energy
Two weeks ago during one of my many visits, I met another person that has experienced Solar Power first hand in the east. He had gone to visit a friend who lives in the East and he noticed that the lights were on and there was an absolute absence of noise. After a while he asked him how he was able to produce electricity with no noise. And the man said the magic word. Solar Power. He had imported a home solar system and it was meeting all his needs.

How much Solar Power do I need?
Solar Power is not intended as a one to one replacement for grid power. But with intelligent use and energy efficient appliances you can live a comfortable life style without giving up a lot. Dane Wigington built a 4200 square foot house in a location he liked but had no access to the grid. The estimate to connect him to the grid was over $85000.00. He did the best thing he could that was build a Solar based systems. His two biggest cost were the solar panels and batteries. He purchased 5100 watts in panels and 2400 AH in batteries. Here is a list of things he runs daily or at least a few times a week. A 3 HP Well pump,Fridge, Freezer, Surveillance System, Lighting, Dishwasher, Welder, Central Alarm system, Central Vacuum, Clothes Washer, House Pump, 2 Computers, Steam Bath, Answering machine, DVD player, Home stereo, clocks, Satellite Decoder, Clothes dryer and Copy machine. In the summer for cooling he runs 2 Swamp Coolers and a Well Pump to water his trees. In the summer months he consumes about 23412 WH/ Day. Which is more than most homes consume in the US. Even with all the loads connected, in the summer he uses less that 30% of his batteries.
Our Systems are designed with the Nigerian consumer in mind. Rugged with a lot of extra cooling built into the charges. We have extra large transformers to handle the peak loads and the periodic overload that the system will be subject to. It automatically detects when the power (grid) is off and turns itself on. If you need more information call us at +1 973-200-8397 x 121  or +234 1 4041003 x 121 or email us at

Control System

Control System with Extra Cooling Vents

5 KVA System in Port Harcourt

5 KVA System in Port Harcourt